Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3, 2012

Greetings to all that read. There was a time that I thought I was up-to-date in technology and I could figure most things out. I don't post here for a couple of months and it is all new! I'll just keep typing and hope that in the end, it will look like a post. Technology has thoroughly surpassed my abilities - and interest.

I'm being a little jealous right now as this is the time of year that I miss Indiana. The cooler weather and the autumn colors are only memories today. So in honor of the memories, I am making pumpkin chocolate chip bread. That should do it!

8 weeks ago, I had knee replacement surgery so I have been in recovery mode. Therapy, exercises, naps, reading, way too much TV, and playing Words with Friends and Sky Words have been my days. I had the other knee replaced 6 years ago and I remember it being easier. Maybe because I am older, maybe my memory is poor, maybe this knee was worse from the start, maybe other reasons but it has been a time to forget!

 So with that, I haven't worked too much - I just started working part-time a couple of weeks ago. I can feel like I can't walk anymore or that I have no energy left, and then, I meet a patient that fills my spirit. I still love what I do. This week I went into a room with a patient that has been in alot of pain. I met her at the hospital and she quickly told me she wanted to go home. I have found in the days of being a chaplain, that most people that say they want to go home to a chaplain means that they are ready for their final home - their eternal home. But - we were in the hospital and I wasn't completely sure, so I asked her about home. Her words were, I'm ready to see God. I hope she gets her wish this week.

I'm putting a link here to the Pink Glove Project - on YouTube. There are other videos so if you like the pink glove project, search for more. I think of the many people I know that fight cancer, have survived and thrived through cancer - I think of my mom who would have been 88 this month, and I love the pink glove project. I can't figure out how to add the link so you most likely will have to copy and paste. But it's fun to watch - even though the whole thing is long.