Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24

I'm learning systems and software, how to complete timesheets, the process to get Catholic priests, and personalities of the staff. I am learning some of the arts that are available for the patients such as music, massage, reike, drawing, and volunteers that can do just about anything. However, in the midst of the learning, it is hard to be spontaneous. I am thinking too hard!

I have been meeting with a 25 year young man who has brain cancer. He has the most beautiful smile and is so sweet. He has had many physical challenges in his life but his spirit radiates joy. Here is a 25 year old with brain cancer and in hospice and when I go to see him and ask him how he feels, his response with a huge smile on his face always is, "I feel fabulous."

Another patient that I see regularly is a 50 year old woman who is on a trach and unresponsive. Her husband glows when he tells me how they met and how he loves her. He tells me about meeting on the dance floor. I think that they are still dancing together in some way. I know it is hard for him in many ways, but he hangs on to the words that she said so many times to him. She loves him. Those words keep him going.

So don't forget to let people know that you love them!


  1. Hey Sue,
    I knew you when you were a little kid, babysat for you and Dan, your mom and dad are so proud of you and your selfness giving. I can just hear them bragging about you to my mom and dad, (Heaven you know) Keep up the good work and the ones you bless will return it a thousandfold.

  2. They are still dancing together. A beautiful picture. Thank-you.