Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

Today, we are all remembering where we were 9 years ago. I was in Salt Lake City, soon to be stuck in Salt Lake City. We were scheduled to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that day and the show went on with a tribute to the United States. It was amazing. So I remember today what changed that day.

I'm been trying to figure out how to get a certain photograph here and I need help! So for now, I'll write the description. I wanted to introduce you to Preston, a retired greyhound racer who is now a volunteer at the hospice house. He is beautiful and patients and families love when he is in the house! I love when he is in the house! How can you not smile when you see the eyes of a loving dog?

We have lots of pet volunteers that come each week to say hello to families and patients. Actually, we have 160 volunteers that come for a lot of reasons. The volunteers offer reike treatments, massage, music, reading to the patients, video taping of patients telling stories, writing letters from dictation for patients, baking cookies, painting with kids, you name it....someone can do it.

This week I met with a family that had come from all around the country to be with mom. Mom is delightful but is very ill. The family members are all leaving on Sunday as they need to get back to their own homes and their own jobs. So we talked about how to say goodbye. Through lots of tears, they have decided that tonight they will all gather together, sing a couple of songs, one of the sons will sing a favorite hymn, each person will tell mom what she has meant to them and how she will be remembered. They wanted it to be like Thanksgiving when they would say something they were thankful for but this time, it is to honor and be grateful for mom. I am sure by now, the tears are coming again but what a special time for them.

I still say, we should have celebration of life ceremonies while people live. Why do we leave the best things we say about someone for when they die.

I watched some football today with Notre Dame and Michigan. Awww, football in the midwest! Of course, I fell asleep during the game - naps are universal I guess. I am making a mental note of the things I want to do when I go back to IN. "See friends" is top on the list. I miss our friends and time together. I miss the tincaps games, the beginning of fall, knowing how to get from point a to point b without a GPS and oh, so many things. But we are also enjoying the things of Florida - the views, the sunshine, our work, and we are getting used to our dinky apartment. You can't beat that.

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