Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! 

I have news once again as it seems like there is always change.  I have accepted a chaplain position at St. Vincent Hospice in Indianapolis IN with a starting date of 1/21. I am very excited about the job, returning to the state I call home, but wondering why I am moving in January!

I have sadness in leaving a beautiful area, warm weather, the gulf, some wonderful friends, and the place that I have learned the most about being a hospice chaplain. My new job is at an inpatient unit which is where my heart is - it is my most favorite part of working at hospice. I will be on staff of St. Vincent Hospital which has many locations and many opportunities. So - it is a perfect job for me and I leave FL with imprints of so many people on my heart.

I, like you, have been saddened by the killings in CT. It has made me think about the kids in my life. I know you have had similar feelings - hug them tight and keep them safe. I am also saddened by the voices that want to be heard - about gun control, about bearing arms, the second amendment, where God was, what caused the shootings. We would all like to have an easy answer that makes sense. There isn't. And the voices that get loud and force people into their own corners fighting will not bring peace nor answers.  

So for this Christmas, I plan to light a candle and believe in a loving God that is also weeping.

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