Sunday, February 13, 2011

8) Somewhere Out There -- An American Tail Soundtrack

When I was very young, my dad would give my mom a big heart filled with chocolates and I would get a smaller one. I would offer my brothers some of my candy, but then I'd go and fill my heart box with chocolates from my mom's candy. It was a great lesson to encourage me to share, but then I also learned that there's always a supply of chocolate!

As with everything Americans do, we have made Valentine's Day into a $15 billion Hallmark holiday. Really?

We can show love in all kinds of ways and in simple ways. Sorry, I can't buy you all chocolates and flowers but I do believe in the spirit of the day. Love. So these are the ways I celebrate Valentine's Day in 2011 - Sent some cards, bought a fun pair of Valentine designed socks for a patient that loves socks, chocolate kisses for staff and families, and to gaze at the stars and be thankful for loved ones around the country.

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