Monday, February 7, 2011

February 8

Greetings to all that read this blog. It is really strange to know that it is February and it was in the 70's today. I have never lived anywhere but Indiana -so 70 in February is not normal!

Hospice work is still good - really good. I hear stories that break my heart and other stories that give me new energy for humankind. One thing I notice now is that I am not so interested in world news. I see dying every day up close and personal - I don't need to read about the crazy things people do.

Family dynamics can be so messy. I see all kinds of things - survivors wanting to take jewelry off at the time of death so siblings can't get them. Patients that die that are in affairs. Patients that have abused their kids or significant other and then to watch those kids or significant others stay at the bedside so they don't die alone.

Not long ago there was a 37 year old woman that had cystic fibrosis and was ready to die. The mother wrapped her arms around her daughter and rocked her until she died. I had a buddy that died not long ago - he had been in to stay for a few days to manage pain and then he was to go home. When he left, he told me that he was hoping for remission and he wanted to come back and help me. I hoped that for him as well but it didn't work out that way.

Something that I have noticed is that I am loving movies! I have always enjoyed watching movies but now, it is my release from my work - it is my release from the continuous deaths and sadness that families experience. I usually rent them from the Red Box - cheap entertainment - but I also just recently went to see King's Speech and The Fighter. I loved King's Speech - The Fighter - not so much. So if you have a favorite movie that is a must see, let me know!

I am very excited that we are getting visitors soon. You all know who you are but I am so very excited to have friends and family come and visit!

Peace...shalom...paz. I'm sending some warm thoughts to the midwest!


  1. I just love reading your blogs. I'm so proud of you and what you are doing! I'm proud to be a long-time friend of yours (honestly, do either of us remember not being friends?). Wish I was visiting...the high today was 10. That's right. 10. A good number for some things, but not for outside temperature. Have you seen True Grit? It was great. I liked it more than with John Wayne. Maybe it was because I was older, but I also read that it's truer to the book. Have a great visit with your company and soak up some warm rays for me.

  2. well enjoy the sunshine and warmth for us!!

    It is in the company of those close to death (and those surrounding them) where we learn grace, love, hate, forgiveness, and all sorts of other things. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    And it is good to have outlets that bring you comfort and peace. Doing what you do can be difficult and draining, and restoring your soul is a definite need that all chaplains/pastors/counselors should do. Me? I bake, which isn't great for our waistlines but oh well ;-)

    we never see movies when they are in the theaters, so Netflix is all for us... our favorites have been Lemon Tree, Toy Story 3, Julie & Julia, the Bourne trilogy, and others I can't think of right now (and as you can tell from those examples, our taste/preference covers a vast range).

  3. Sue, I haven't seen The Fighter, but I loved The King's Speech, too. I watch a lot of films, and have two recommendations for you. First, another Colin Firth movie, A Single Man. And second, one from Argentina called The Secret in Their Eyes. If you watch either one of them, let me know. I'd like to hear what you think.